Why GuardianTech


Your IT people are overwhelmed with daily “Right Now!” problems. Due to the time constrain, the business continuity task are being overlooked. Which includes, System security, patch management, backup and backup integrity checks (restore verification). As an end result the focus of your IT team is diverted towards small areas while the major areas, which are prone to cyber attacks are readily exposed to hackers. Employing additional staff and investment is security tools (Antivirus) does not mean better security.

Traditionally, you’re IT support companies (Break-Fix Model) worked a lot like a plumber – you call them when something was broken. They send somebody to look at the problem.

He or she would troubleshoot the problem and send you a bill afterwards or bill monthly for the time spent resolving the issue. The emphasis is on reacting to problems that have already occurred. But, by the time you are aware of a problem, it’s already too late. Data is lost, downtime is incurred, productivity is reduced.

Managed IT Services is a term used to describe a new model of IT management. GuardianTech®  Managed IT Service Providertake a proactive approach to maintenance and management of your systems. Managed IT Services allows constant monitoring and upgrading of your systems, without waiting for something to crash to begin. This allows you to take preventative measures to ensure the smooth operations of all your facilities. You can detect and solve issues as they occur or take preventative measures so they don’t happen. In the long run, it evens out and you’re likely to spend much less on repairs, making ii more cost-efficient.

GuardianTech®, has a comprehensive suite of Managed Services to meet all your communications, network and IT infrastructure needs. We deliver the expertise, availability and tools while lowering your overall IT support costs. Managed Services is where we become responsible for elements of your technology based on your need. It’s like hiring a staff of experts and paying less than one qualified employee. At GuardianTech®, we engage our group of technology experts who are passionate about making a difference for your business and getting it right the first time.

Vendor Management

With your permission, we will take over the time-consuming task of managing all of your IT-related vendors, hardware and software licensing. We become the buffer between IT vendors so you can focus on your business and leave the administrative details to us. Whether it’s license acquisition, engaging or the procurement of new hardware, we look after it all.

On-Demand Review

We will meet with you regularly, both on-site at your location and at our corporate headquarters, to ensure that both your short and long-term IT strategies aligns with your business objectives.

Quarterly Review

We provide a formal quarterly review with the executive team to discuss any outstanding issues and to plan for the future, reviewing both the relationship and technology itself. We want to ensure that your IT infrastructure evolves with your business and aligns with your business goals, and that our services are perfectly aligned with your requirements.

Life cycle Management

We maintain and report on the life cycle of all equipment and licensing to ensure your equipment is under warranty and that you have the proper licensing in place. Regular inventories, asset assignments / tagging and reporting is provided.


We believe that standardisation is a key factor to the success of any short or long-term IT strategy. As part of our ongoing Fully Managed® approach, we ensure we move your business in the right direction. Software and Hardware standardisation creates a stable environment and aids in the effort to achieve optimal functionality. Over time, it also reduces IT support costs as supporting dissimilar systems is not efficient compared to supporting a consistent/standardised environment.

Break-Fix Providers:

This model, when mimicked in IT service, focuses on reacting to problems after they have already occurred, and is called the “break-fix” methodology. IT support because, in order for you to get the best service and support out of a break-fix service provider, they would have to put your interests above their own. It is a fundamentally flawed model – in fact, the economists have a name for this. They call it the “Agency Dilemma.” (The costs arise because of core problems). It exists whenever a customer relies on a service provider who is not incentivized to achieve the same ends as what the client desires. The ‘break-fix’ model might seem cost-effective at first since it negates the monthly fee of an MSP. However, in the long run, it rarely turns out to be cost-effective as the potential of a large bill to resolve an issue arises due to lack of foresight. Your business is also likely to lose money from clients as your systems experience downtime.

Break-Fix providers do not have expert ICT resources and subject matter experts, because they can’t afford to pay them. They have few technicians doing everything. It is not different than an Eye specialist is performing a heart surgery. Break-Fix model eventually cause fail to meet technology upgrades requirements in future for an organization.


Disadvantages of Break-Fix IT Support

  • Issues in IT system and cannot upgrade technology as needed.
  • Break-Fix providers do not have Service-Desk setup, where you can call and seek technical advice.
  • Your greatest IT disasters are their most profitable jobs. There is no win-win scenario but win loose.
  • The break-fix IT support provider has no incentive to make your network as stable as possible.
  • They don’t invest in network management tools because there is no incentive for them to do so.
  • It’s often a “best effort” service – response times are variable and guarantees are seldom made.
  • You don’t benefit from the latest network management and automation systems.
  • If they attend to the same problem more than once, you get double-billed for it.
  • No incentive to upgrade network management tools or automation systems.
  • Increases down time that loses business and revenue.
  • Response times and lack of guarantees.

We relentlessly strive to earn trust and respect by providing our clients a better everyday technical experience, and by delivering technology solutions that enable our clients to gain competitive advantage in their market. To accomplish this, we have established a culture of excellence, core values, professionalism, and collaboration among our team members.

To be the most trusted IT advisor and key partner to our clients. We are building a dynamic and continuously improving organisation founded on integrity and superior delivery of services. We empower our clients to focus on their core business, enhancing and accelerating their success. We know that exceeding expectations in every interaction depends on mutual respect and communication. We carry this out by providing our team with a challenging opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow while maintaining a healthy work-life harmony.

We enable you to focus on your core business activities by extending exact level of IT support for your business to run efficiently. We help in your growth by saving your business from disaster, be it from nature or man-made by adding business continuity model. We do save your business reputation by preventing cyber attacks and from various risks associated with business crucial information such as data loss, data leakage, data corruption.

Malware attacks such as the recent popular won called ‘ransomware’ are capable of crippling an organization and bringing their activities to a halt or even shutdown the businesses, those are working without business continuity best practice. Imagine all your sales, receivables, customer information lost overnight in any kind of mishap.

We design and secure IT systems and network communication so that you can spend more time working on strategic initiatives which increase your profits by managing your network and supporting your team, letting you focus on what matters most to your business. Let us earn your trust to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Prabhpal Singh Mavi is the Founder of GuardianTech. Having begun his career as an IT system and network administrator back in year 2000, then IT Manager for very large manufacture plant where he managed data centre and 2700+ users connected through wide area network from seven geographical locations across West Africa Region.

Prabhpal Singh quickly progressed into Chief Technology Officer and IT Director role for a ISP. Leveraging the experience gained from these organisations, Prabhpal Singh became the visionary behind GuardianTech. Under his leadership, GuardianTech is one of the fastest growing Infrastructure Management Services organisations in Ghana & West Africa. He is the driving force behind GuardianTech. Prabhpal Singh has more than 18 years of experience specialising in wide range of IT Management and security services.

Prabhpal Singh has been working to secure small as well as large businesses in order to help troubleshoot various problems, improve the overall efficiency of the company, and to help cut hardware costs wherever possible to do so. Furthermore, modernise technical services, or deliver new tools to enterprise clients those they are unable to obtain on their own and help save a small and large business from ultimate failure, or simply improve them for the better by proposing various solutions and or changes in various policies that will alter high employee turnover.