Staff Augmentation


There is a paradigm shift in the industry. Continuous hiring has been taken over by the goal base hiring. A smart manager would never go overboard with the resources instead his hiring plan would be need base so that cost can be optimized with high ROI. The process of augmenting your existing staff with temporary professionals as per need basis is known as Staff Augmentation. In recent years there has been a revolution in the way IT companies are facilitating their needs for talent and specialized skills. The IT industry is rarely static, and the type of skills and expertise needed by employees is ever changing. While traditional staffing methods have been used extensively in the past, relying on staff augmentation can yield a long list of unexpected benefits. Perhaps the project requires a programming language that your staff doesn’t know well, or the deadline is a tight turn-around.

Whatever the reason, your in-house team can’t handle it all. That’s where staff augmentation comes into play. With it, you can hire one or more team members from outside the company to join your team. Often, these team members will have the expertise and availability to help complete the project. Remember that the core in-house team stays intact; it’s simply supplemented by extra team members to get the job done. This is great for retaining your company’s top talent and maintaining quality expectations.

There are plenty of pros of this model. Generally speaking, it allows for greater flexibility and dynamic adaptation to project needs. For instance, since staff augmentation fills gaps where needed, these workers will no longer be part of your team when the project ends. Staff augmentation is ideal for shifting project requirements, as you don’t have to needlessly hire in-house staff members. In this way, your company strengths are leveraged.

Cost Effective:

Staff augmentation helps IT enterprises to cut costs at various levels. First, as already mentioned, you can pay augmentation workers only for the period of time they work. You don’t have to spend on recruiting, employee benefits, taxes and more. It also helps to reduce the cost of training new professionals as augmentation workers are selected because of their expertise in a particular area and require very little acclimatisation training.

Increased Adaptability & Flexibility:

The scalability of your organisation is greatly benefited by staff augmentation services. You can afford to take up projects of all sizes and never say no to your customers’ requirements. With Staff augmentation, you scale the size of your work force according to the demands. It also helps you to diversify your services and provide great quality solutions with the expertise gained from the temporary staff.

Better Control:

Compared to complete outsourcing, Staff Augmentation allows you to control your project at all times and perform regular monitoring. When you have outsourced your project completely, you will not be able to track the progress of your project and quality of your project is also completely dependent on the outsourced team. With staff augmentation, you can place the augmentation staff at any requirement to improve the efficiency of the project. It also helps to reduce the privacy and security risk which is common with normal outsourcing.

Meeting each and every project deadline:

As with any project, there are surely deadlines for delivery, however within the IT industry deadlines are of critical importance. With the introduction of staff augmentation, a company can meet their aggressive deadlines by hiring short-term staff. Candidates can be hired at the minimal time to help complete projects on time and at the required quality allowing a company to continue to thrive.

Counteract Attrition:

In many situations, the need for staff augmentation arises because of an unexpected attrition. Staff Augmentation allows enterprises to not get stagnated in crucial project management and delivery times. Recent statistics show, as the economy grows, up to 40% of IT employees are looking for quick job changes. Staff augmentation could be the perfect solution for both parties as companies could always be adequately staffed all times and professionals could put their skills and expertise to better use in a larger arena.

Choosing staff augmentation services over traditional hiring methods benefits your business in many ways, including:

Access to experienced professionals ready to hit the ground running Cost effective alternative to recruiting, interviewing and hiring a regular employee Focus on the skills you need for a particular project — choosing an expert, not a generalist Fresh ideas and objectivity from a professional who is not engaged in office politics Flexibility when you need it most

Qualified Resources:

  • Subject matter experts.
  • Ceritified imaging experts and project managers

Relevant Expertise:

  • Seasoned Expirence with hands-on application.
  • Extensive expirence with implementation and support

Resource Diversification:

  • Establish projects and team governance.
  • Implement change management best practices.
  • Blend of clinical, technical and operational skills.
  • Program and project managers back-end with SEM.
  • Integrity and quality of service or project implementation